Your family files (6): Academic and professional records, and valuables

We now come to the  last five kinds of family files that you must organize and keep.These are academic records, professional and employment records, identification cards, lists and inventories, and valuables. Academic records You need to keep academic records because these are needed in pursuing higher studies, applying for certain professional positions, for immigration purposes, among […]

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Your Family Files (5) – Insurance, power of attorney, last will, medical papers

So far we have talked about 6 kinds of family files that you must keep and organize. These are civil registry documents, passports and travel documents, real estate papers, financial documents, vehicle papers, and licenses. Today, we will deal with four very important files: insurance, power of attorney, Last Will and Testament, and medical records. […]

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Real estate

Your Family Files (3): Real Estate Papers

We’ve talked about important family files that you should organize and keep. So far, we’ve dealt with birth certificates and other civil registry papers, as well as passports and travel documents. Land titles and deeds Now we come to land titles, condominium certificates and similar papers proving that you own a house, lot, condo unit […]

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